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How to Promote Positivity in the Workplace

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Jim Cloonan promoting positivity in the workplace
Our GM, Jim Cloonan instructing the Bright Spots on Level 5 Leadership

At United Mechanical, we are always looking for ways to improve and promote positivity in the workplace. So we recently started a monthly leadership training event called Bright Spot.

No matter what his or her position may be in our company, a "bright spot" is someone who has made a positive impression on us. So on October 30th we had our very first Bright Spot training with a goal of learning from each other, supporting each other, and growing together by hearing from members of different departments.

Twelve of our leaders chose a Bright Spot to join us for a training event where we discussed what it means to be a Level 5 Leader. You'll learn more about this in the memo below.

After 3 months, the new recruits from Oct 30th will get to choose new recruits of their own, ensuring the group grows every quarter, eventually including every team member in our company.

So if having positivity in the workplace is important to you and your team, I thought I'd share an internal memo that we emailed to our Bright Spots recently. This gives even more details on how we're trying to achieve our goal.

Bright Spot Day! October 30th 2019 @ 11am to 1pm
Welcome to all of the Bright spots. We have chosen you to join in on United Mechanical’s leadership training.
Everybody was selected based personal opinion from the name in front of yours (see below.) We are really excited to grow the leadership at UMI. We have noticed greatness in you!
We can all be leaders in our lives, whether it is at work, at home, or in our communities. We want to achieve this together. This will be a growing, learning, and exciting group.
The plan is to bring a company full of level 5 leaders to our market in Southwest Florida. We are going from good to GREAT!! We have hand selected each of you to help each of us grow and we will be doing the same for you.
We will dig into the Level 5 Leadership during our meeting. Steps for leadership:
  *   Be a team player.   *   Lead from where you are.   *   Be an expert, but learn and master new skills.   *   Be open to feedback and criticism, and use it to grow.   *   Demonstrate a firm understanding of client needs.   *   Learn to communicate well.   *   Take actions and make recommendations for the good of the organization, not you.
Below you will see the list with who vouched for you and wants you to be included. Please reach out to them and get excited like we are. We truly are looking forward to learning from each other.
Rich Ringler – Daniel Pinero Steve Clark – James Lewis Jim Cloonan – Stephen Romero Todd Simon – Nick Souder Jim Bowen – Tony Rios Chris Smith – John Fortunat Noelvis Becerra – Pedro Laguna Paul Botsford – Mike Antonucci Matt Lukosavich – Craig Howell Dustin Clark – Rodolfo Delgado, Jeff Barrett, Jeff Fickett Candace Antonelli – Corissa Colie Lenora Howard – Nate Swope

Anyway, that's how we're trying to start something great in our company. We'll let you know how it goes in the coming months.

If you've been able to infuse positivity in the workplace, we'd love to hear your suggestions. Please leave a comment below. We're always open to new ideas.


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