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What does "being in compliance" or "brought up to code" mean?

Florida has a long list of requirements that plumbers, HVAC technicians, and electricians are to follow to comply with the state's building codes for residential homes. So when we install a fixture, appliance, or equipment for you, we "bring it up to code."


For example, many homeowners don't realize that there are safety precautions that must be followed when installing a water heater. A water heater can be a very dangerous appliance if it is not properly installed and if it does not have the the proper safety devices on it.


When we install a water heater, we inform you that we're complying with the current plumbing codes to ensure your safety.


Beware of contractors that cut corners and do not comply with current codes because ultimately it's your safety that is compromised, and it puts their company at risk of a lawsuit.

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