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Preventive Maintenance

Reduce Downtime & Extend Asset Life

A reliable preventive maintenance program is essential in averting unexpected equipment breakdown and expensive unwarranted repairs. It is important to understand that new equipment warranties normally do not provide for routine preventive maintenance. The investment in a preventive maintenance program is minor, compared to the cost of lost production and needed repairs due to equipment breakdown.

To ensure equipment is operating at peak efficiency and reliability, United Mechanical offers customizable service options in your service plan. Let our team help you avoid unexpected costs with a plan tailored to your business requirements.

Key Services

  • Periodic Equipment Inspections

  • Seasonal Maintenance & Adjustments

  • Service Record Maintenance

  • Preferential 24-Hour Emergency Service

  • Weekend Scheduling Available

Next Steps


United Mechanical is committed to providing our clients with proactive world-class customer service. Please contact us with any questions regarding our preventive maintenance service offerings.

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