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Building Automation Systems

Building Sustainability

United Mechanical provides comprehensive Building Automation Systems (BAS) that integrate electrical, lighting, security, and HVAC systems. As the region’s leading Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer, United Mechanical delivers turnkey building controls solutions throughout the Southwest Florida region.

Reliable controls Authorized Dealer

The Reliable Controls system easily connects with intelligent building technology. Products communicate using robust, industry-standard protocols with freely programmable controllers, and intuitive, scalable software. The Reliable Controls system provides flexibility and scalability to serve multiple operators simultaneously from numerous points of secure access.

Features & Benefits

  • Centralized HVAC, Security, Lighting & More

  • Simplified Building Management
  • Higher Energy Efficiency

  • Lower Operating & Maintenance Costs

  • Minimized Equipment Downtime

  • Better Occupant Comfort & Productivity

  • Improved Equipment Life Cycle

  • Robust Network Architecture

  • Encrypted System Credentials

  • Intuitive, Scalable Software

  • Programmable Controllers

  • Certified, Reliable Controls Technicians

  • Single Point of Contact


Network Architecture

United Mechanical offers a complete controls system that easily interconnects with intelligent building technology. Our products communicate using robust, industry-standard networks. Whether you have a small or large application, a single building or multiple buildings, our system has the flexibility to keep you connected.


Integrated Service Offerings

Our BAS solutions are tightly integrated with our mechanical, plumbing, and electrical service offerings. United Mechanical serves as your single point of contact for as well as the first line of defense in monitoring your equipment. Our technicians identify and resolve issues before the client is even aware there is an area of concern.

Next Steps

United Mechanical is committed to providing our clients with world-class customer service. We realize that there is a lot to learn when it comes to the power of BAS. We are focused on educating our clients on making the best decisions for their home or buildings. Contact us today for more information on how BAS can benefit your company.

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