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Should I have a plumbing cleanout installed at my home?

Plumbing cleanout

Unless you take ultra-great care of your pipes to prevent blockages, you may not need a cleanout installed near your home's exterior. But we strongly recommend installing a cleanout because there are other factors beyond your control, that can cause problems with your plumbing such as root intrusion.


A cleanout is a homeowner's and a plumber's best friend for a few reasons:

  1. Because of the nature of our work, our equipment can become quite dirty. Since a cleanout is outsite your home, we don't have to bring our nasty equipment inside your home.

  2. It reduces stench inside your home and keeps it outside.

  3. It makes it a lot easier for us to locate a blockage.

    1. If there is no standing water in the cleanout, then the blockage is located between the cleanout and your home.

    2. But if there is standing water and it overflows when we open the cleanout, then the blockage is located between the sewer main (or septic tank) and the cleanout.

  4. It saves time because we are able to diagnose problems quicker.

  5. It saves on parts and labor because we may not have to pull up the toilet, replace the wax ring, while charging you for labor by the hour.

  6. Ultimately it saves you, the homeowner, money because we are not on site as long.

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