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Fidelity BSG Safety Manager Participates in the 127th Boston Marathon — And Beats the Average Race


The Boston Marathon is the oldest — and considered the most iconic — race in the world, drawing tens of thousands of runners from across the globe. Completing the marathon is a bucket-list dream for many athletes.

This spring, Oscar Corredor, Safety Manager-Florida for the Fidelity Building Services Group (Fidelity BSG) Safety Team, joined 30,000 other participants to run the 127th Boston Marathon. He finished in just under three hours – beating the 2022 average race time of 3:45:09.

According to Oscar, “Marathons, especially at courses like Boston, are a combination of chess and poker. You hold your cards close, bluff at times, and test others to see what they might have — all while understanding the course will force your hand at times.”

A native Floridian, Oscar’s challenges included the many hills throughout Boston and the cold, rainy weather of that spring day. However, his perseverance and the energy he felt throughout the race saw him through to the finish line.

Oscar is no stranger to challenges. As Safety Manager, he oversees the safety efforts for multiple Fidelity BSG companies in Florida, including CT/HX Services, South Florida Controls, and United Mechanical. Through his diligence and commitment to our Culture of Safety, Oscar ensures the safety of our field personnel and their workspaces. He does this the same way he completed the Boston Marathon — with commitment, a focus on exceeding goals, and facing every challenge as an opportunity to grow and succeed.

“No one at United Mechanical was surprised to learn that Oscar reached his goal at the Boston Marathon, because that’s the same level of dedication he brings to his role as Safety Manager-Florida,” says Don Pine, LEED AP, President of United Mechanical. “It was an honor for United Mechanical to sponsor his race, and we are tremendously proud of his monumental accomplishment.”

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