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Home improvement financing provided by Service Finance Company LLC

United Mechanical, LLC is pleased to offer financing for your home's heating & cooling, plumbing, power generators, home alarm, and electrical needs.

Whether you're short on cash or you prefer to conserve your money and equity, United Mechanical and Service Finance Company (SFC) are here to help you complete your home improvement projects.

7 Benefits of financing with SFC

1. Finance numerous home improvement projects

As mentioned above, United Mechanical provides home services such as heating & cooling, plumbingpower generators, home alarm systems, and electrical. But SFC allows you to finance numerous other home improvement products and services like:

Artificial turf, awnings, basement refinishing and repair, cabinet refacing, deck, decorative concrete, doors, exterior painting, fencing, floorings, gutters, insulation, kitchen or bath remodel, outdoor deck, patio cover, patio room, remodeling, roofing, screen enclosure, shutters, siding, solar equipment, spas, storage units, stucco exterior finish, tumble liners, and windows.

2. Your personal information is protected

SFC uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology for establishing an encrypted link between their server and your computer. SSL allows for sensitive information such as social security numbers and login credentials to be transmitted securely.

3. Different financing types available

SFC offers 3 financing programs: no interest, deferred interest, and long-term installment, which provide low monthly payments. Please check with United Mechanical regarding a specific financing program.

4. No pre-payment penalties

Sweet! One less thing to worry about.

5. Multiple payment options


a) Mail

You may pay with check, money order, or cashier's check and send in your payment with your monthly pre-printed coupon

b) Online

You may use SFC's secure online borrower portal or use your bank's ACH (automated clearing house) debit feature.

c) Phone

Call SFC's billing department at 866-254-0497 (option 5) during regular business hours.

6. It's not a credit card

Financing through Service Finance Company is an installment loan, not a revolving line of credit. It is for a fixed finance amount with a fixed term.

7. Quick approval

Simply click the Apply Online button below and enter your information. Depending on how fast you type, you can potentially get your answer in a few minutes to a few hours.

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