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Warranty information on products and labor

When United Mechanical plumbers, electricians, or HVAC techs install a product in your home, we warranty our labor. If we supply and install the product, we also warranty the product. If you supply the product and have us install it, we will warranty our labor but cannot provide a warranty on the product.


For example, let's say you supply a water heater and we install it for you. Let's pretend that there is an electrical problem and the heating elements go bad. We cannot be held responsible for the cost of replacing them. You would have to rely on the manufacturer's warranty for replacement cost.


But if we purchase a water heater and we install it, we're going to provide a full warranty on the heater because we only install heaters that we trust. We only install new, high-quality, name-brand heaters, generators, air conditioning systems, and indoor air quality products.

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